"72 Club"

Support the Wayne county CAC and the children in our community

Did you know that when a child is sexually abused, there is a critical 72-hour window where DNA evidence can be collected through a forensic medical exam that could help with prosecuting the perpetrator and seeking justice for that child?

It costs an average of $1,100 to provide services to each child victim of severe physical and sexual abuse. These services are provided at no charge to the victims or their famiies.

If you would like to support our services, we invite you to become a member of our "72 Club." For every fifteen $72 donations, we can provide emergency response services when a local child is sexually or physically abused. 

If you would like to become a Lifelong Sustaining Member and be recognized through all future fundraisers and newsletters, you can do so by donating a one-time $720.

Your tax-deductible donations can be mailed to the Children's Advocacy Center at 1734 Gasche St., Wooster, OH 44691. Please make checks payable to the Wayne County Children's Advocacy Center.

You can also donate using Paypal by clicking this link:


Thank you for choosing to generously support the WCCAC and the children in our community!