Child sexual abuse is sexual contact between a child and adult or other child. It may be physical, such as the abuser touching the child or compelling the child to touch him/her. It may be non-physical, such as compelling the child to watch or listen to sexually explicit material.
Between 2004-2015, an average of 164 child sexual abuse cases were reported to Wayne County Children's Advocacy Center each year.*
One out of 10 children are sexually abused before age 18.
51% of rapes occur prior to age 18, 29% prior to age 12.
*Wayne County Children's Advocacy Center's 2010 Fact Sheetpdf


In the fight against child abuse, knowledge is our strongest weapon. The more you know about it, the more you can do to help those who have already been victimized and to prevent it from happening again. We encourage you to learn more about child abuse and the programs in our community and to pass that information on to those around you.
Start with your own family and our own community. Help teach children about safety and raise awareness in our community about child abuse. Learn more about internet safety, and pass this knowledge on. And volunteer your time - no gift to your community is more valuable than that.


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